Our Range Of Quality Services

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Our Range of Quality Services

We can accommodate the needs of most projects from start to finish. With our team of experienced staff we can help right from enquiry stage through to our highly skilled Inspection team releasing your order out the door.

With a great working relationship with contractors in the industry we can fulfil most, if not all, engineering requirements including surface finishing and plating meaning we can often produce 100% to drawing.

Quick Component Turn around

We operate 24 hours a day, 4 days a week and run a weekend shift. Working 7 days a week allows us to commit to a quick turnaround on small batch quantities. 

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In House Programming

We have our own CAD CAM facilities allowing us to programme your drawings in-house and designing our own tool paths to reduce costs to the customer and speed up the time it takes for jobs to reach the shop floor.

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With our investment in the large range of 5 Axis Milling machines we have and their capabilities we can work to achieve almost all modern day milling requirements.

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Thanks to our sliding head we can produce a large quantity of parts starting from a Ø2mm ranging up to Ø950mm.

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With our Electrical Discharge Machining capabilities we are able to take on more complex shaped parts and know that we can deliver quality components to meet the customers expectations.

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Out of House Processes

We are able to facilitate most engineering requirements including heat treatment, surface finish including super polishing and plating as a tailor made package.

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